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This page was updated on 5-1-10
Please pray for these people
Prayer Network

One of the great ministries of our parish is that we offer prayers for those who ask for them. We do this in two
ways. One way is through our prayer network, a group of people who have volunteered to pray for the intentions of those who ask us for prayers, and the second way is by listing the petitions in the bulletin each week.

How does the Prayer Network  work in our parish?
First when a request is made we will ask the people on our network to pray for the petition for one month. We will also list the petition for one month in the bulletin.
At the end of the month, we will remove the petition unless the person requesting the prayers, calls and
renews their request. This allows us to keep in touch with those in need of prayer, while at the same time
keeping our list of petitions at a manageable size.

We are always happy to pray for you and your family’s concerns,
so please do not hesitate to call the parish office to place your petition.

When you call and ask for prayer, it is not necessary to give a long explanation of your reasons.
You can simply ask for prayers for a person, or ask for prayers for someone who is sick.
We are certainly ready to listen to you and your concerns,
but on the network, the only thing that is passed on is a name.
Prayer for the Sick:
All praise and glory are yours, Lord our God.
For you have called us to serve you and one another in love. Bless our sick today, so they may bear their illness in union with Jesus’ sufferings and
restore them quickly to health. Lead us all to eternal glory.
We ask this through Christ our Lord ~ Amen
Prayer Request Contacts:
Parish Office 320-327-2356
or Corinne Johnson 320-327-2990

Ray Pavlish, Clarence Hoodecheck, Jerome Kadlec, Margaret Chap,
Darrel Kaczmarek, Mike Popelka, Donald Ludewig, Joe Bandas,
Ryan, Bonnie, Phyllis, Barb Stelzner, Ronnie Dostal, Leonard Stifter
and 5 special intentions.

Please contact the parish office if you would like to have your prayer intention included in the Prayer Network.